Tales of Other Worlds (Deux Voiliers Fantasy Series Book 1)

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  2. BLOG and REVIEWS | Su J. Sokol | Speculative fiction, social activism and interstitiality
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Doors at , reading to start at Left Bank Books is partially wheelchair accessible. Please be respectful of scent sensitivities and other needs. Some say that this makes it a natural tool for aiding social justice movements. Others would argue that speculative fiction, like other literary genres, merely springs from and reinforces current social mores and ways of thinking. He is the founder and English-language coordinator of Lectures Logos Readings. Claudie Arsenault : Squids, bread, and hot air balloon have little in common… except how much nerdy squeeing they can draw out of Claudie.

Excitable and passionate, Claudie writes quirky science-fiction and fantasy that lets the best tropes shine through, haters be damned, and her love for sprawling casts invariably turns her novels into multi-storylined wonders. As an aromantic and asexual writer, she gives full breadth to stories that centre platonic relationships. Her latest novel, Baker Thief, features a bigender aromantic baker and explores romantic narrative arcs applied to aromantic characters. Claudie is also well-known for her database of aro and ace characters.

Claudie is also a founding member of The Kraken Collective, a group of indie writers who love queer SFF, and she is devoted to its promotion. Find more on her website! I recently moderated a virtual roundtable discussion on polyamory in speculative fiction, and one of the writers who participated was B R Sanders. After the discussion, I decided to read their novel. Strong, proud, protective, a little defiant—the three characters were depicted in a way that made me want to learn more not only about them but about their world. When I was younger, I read a good deal of fantasy, but these days, I generally prefer character-driven, realistic science fiction.

This is because, for whatever reason, as an older adult I have often found it difficult to suspend my disbelief when reading certain types of fantasy. In fact, at the very beginning of Ariah , I admit to having inwardly rolled my eyes at the first mention of elves.

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They were similar enough to people I have known or could imagine knowing to make me feel grounded, and different enough that I was intrigued and eager to learn more. The protagonists had flaws but it was easy for me to care about them. I found myself cringing when they screwed up but I never stopped hoping that things would work out in the end.

Ariah is a story that is filled with many different types of relationships.

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I very much enjoyed exploring this with Ariah and the people around him. I also liked that the story took place within a certain political context, with all the ugliness, pain, and injustice that we find in our worlds, and with all the hope and courage too. The world building was well done. In fact, not being certain of every detail concerning how this world functioned made me interested in learning more, perhaps by reading other books that might take place in this same world. Although the book is only 87 pages in length, it manages to accomplish more than many books that are four times its length.

The problem? Oscar is a young father, divorced, a little socially awkward, good-natured, and a devoted son to a father with mental health problems. In fact, Oscar is somewhat obsessed with madness, which happens to also be the topic of the film in which he has been called upon to play. In addition, she has created a whole cast of additional characters who are both believable and interesting, including Clave, who stars in the film; Sarah, the director; Noemi, who works at the hotel; a street musician, his daughter, and a monkey; and a second Noemi … but to say more would be a spoiler.

Several years later, Mathieu suffers an unimaginable loss during the Rwandan genocide, a loss that Minh Chau will help to heal.

BLOG and REVIEWS | Su J. Sokol | Speculative fiction, social activism and interstitiality

The lives of these three characters intersect in a very intricate plot. Through friendship and love, they help one another overcome the pain of their pasts and live life to its fullest. HLI: Is it part of a series? There will be a certain continuity of themes between the first and the second novels to further explore the human condition in the face of adversity and injustice.

The Photos is only the working title for the new novel and may well change. I have now quite a detailed outline ready and am continuing with my research of the Lebanese Civil War—the political landscape for the plot. It will be a flashback novel with one central character, Marc Taragon, a French journalist and expert on the Middle East. HLI: Why did you start writing? I believe that writing fiction with authentic and meaning messages is good for the human soul. In life, we all learn from our unique experiences and from the experiences of others.

Fiction provides a vehicle to transmit this learning while entertaining the reader. Like art, it allows us to transcend the mundane and harness our imagination in beautiful and creative ways. HLI: Who are your influences? I lived for four years in Berlin where I fell under the influence of contemporary German literature and film. In one chapter of Soldier, Lily, Peace and Pearls, I take the character Minh Chau, then 22 years old, on an adventure to Berlin where she discovers the recent past and contemporary reality of the city several years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Magic City (FULL Audiobook)

My own travels and work abroad, especially in the Middle East, have encouraged me to relate the human dimension of historical events — something which is sorrowfully missing in contemporary journalism. HLI: What can we expect from you in the near future? Book signing events, other details. In July, I did three book signings in British Columbia. However, my main focus in the coming months will be to finish The Photos. See here and below. Can you tell us what turned you on to the Fantasy, Adventure, and Science Fiction genres and what kinds of books you read as a child?

Seeking a special gift? See our 2015 guide to local books.

I loved getting lost in a book. I never dreamed of writing my own book. Not until after university, travelling through Europe and Asia, did I actually start thinking about writing seriously. And even then, I recall that gut-wrenching hour I spent trying to craft the first paragraph of a fantasy story. Was that agonizing! Who are some of your most favorite and inspiring authors in those genres from the past?

I can go on and list many writers, like Robert E. Howard, Arthur C. Clarke, John D. Macdonald, Fritz Leiber, A. How old were you when you first discovered you had a talent for writing? Tell us about the books you've written so far. What do you have in store for us for the future? Have you ever thought about writing other genres and if so what are they? Mystery has always been something that has interested me.

Who knows?

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What do you do outside of writing, do you have any hobbies? I paint a lot of oil landscapes and continue to do art shows.


Meditating on a daily basis helps me with writing, and all my creative endeavours. How supportive are family and friends of your writing? Very supportive.

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Both friends and family have taken time to read my books and offer constructive criticism.