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The first cultural exchanges of two nations… 3. The first Russian explorers… 4. Alaska was also the name… 5.

Some of the Indian tribes in the north of California…. American doctors worked in Sebastopol during the Crimean War. History says that the Russans got on very well with the Aleutians. It was the eighteenth century that the first Russian explorers set foot on the land of Alaska. Russia supported America during the War of Independence. The first Russian settlements on the US territory were set in the nineteenth century. Novo-Arkhangelsk became the capital of Alaska. Alaska was the name of the land in the far north of the American continent.

Alaska was sold to the United States by the tsarist government. Russian people left their memories of themselves. Students had to find out interesting information about outstanding Russian people who made great contribution in the world heritage.

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We had even to blame them. But changes in our society allowed us to open new pages in Russian history. While listening to your classmates you are going to make a scheme or a table to show in what field of our life they worked. During of his voyages Bering discovered the strait that separated North America from Asia.

It is now named after the discoverer. On a later voyage Bering saw the mainland of North America. This discovery, made in , gave Russia its right to Alaska. Bering died before he could take good news back to Russia. Others made settlements or built trading posts. The first Russian settlement in North America appeared in The head of the expedition was the Russian merchant Grigory Ivanovich Shelikhov. He founded one of the permanent trade-and-industrial company.

Russian people taught the Aleutians how to build warm wooden houses, the advantages of their way of life clothes, food, gardening. Shelikhov made everything to teach the native boys, who preferred to live with the Russians. Shelikhov understood the importance of the exploration of the north-western America.

He sent two groups of explorers to investigate the southern coast of Alaska And when in Shelikhov left their land Cadyak there were already Russian settlements. Baranov continued the exploration of Alaska.


One of the explorers Dmitri Bocharov discovered the shortest way across the Alaska — along the river Agagic and the lake, which was named after him. In fact, Baranov got married with the Indian girl, who was the daughter of their leader and had three children. He always tried to spread the Russian influence to the south up to the Spanish colonies.

In the navigators repeated their voyage and discovered the Rumyantsev Bodega Bay to the north west of Saint - Francisco Bay. And in they founded the Fort Ross. He was the priest, who had compiled the Russian- Aleutian dictionary and the first Aleutian grammar and alphabet. Bishop Inokenty was known as the Christian missionary among the Aleutians.

History says that the Russian got on very well with the Aleutians in Alaska and with Indians in California. Even now some Alaskan people have Russians names. And some of them Indians tribes in the north of California have Russian words in their language. He helped to found the Russian-American trading company. He came from a family of improverished gentry in the Smolensk gubernia and did military service as a lieutenant in the Life-Guards of the Izmailovsky regiment. Later he served as chief secretary of civilian affairs and director of the Russian-America Company.

In he undertook a journey to California where he helped to promote the establishment of commercial ties between the Russian-American Company and Spanish colonists. Rezanov wanted to devote his life to his country. Extinguished existence in Russia made Rezanov search for new lands for Russian people, an eternal dream of a free world.

Refuses crushed his will. In despair and depression Rezanov prayed. He asked Holy Mother for protection.

Урок английского языка в 8-м классе "Русские люди в Америке: история и современность"

At the same time he confessed that he saw the icon not as the Queen of Heaven, but as a woman with eyes like black cherries, a gently woman who needed defense. Suddenly radiant light from the icon shines above Rezanov, and he heard Her voice. After a rough passage over the Pacific Ocean Rezanov landed in a Spanish settlement near the monastery belonging to the order of St.

Francis of Jose de Alssisi. The Russians got rather nostile greeting by Jose de Arguello, the Governer of San Francisco, who planned a ball in this house in honor of his sixteen-year-old daughter Conception de Arguello. At the ball Rezanov was introdused to Conchita. He loved her.

In his letter to Rumyantsev Rezanov wrote that his dreams of bright future for new Russians colonies in America had confronted reality and he hoped only to return the sails and the sailors home to Russia. After a secret betrothal ceremony Rezanov started his trip home. In Siberia near Krasnoyarsk he caught cold and died. The name of Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky is one of famous Russian names. He was a great aircraft desinger. He was born in Kiev. In he worked as a constructor of the aircraft department in the Russian-Baltic factory in St.

Among the planes consructed by Sicorsky were aircraft-monoplanes, fighters and others. In he emigrated to the USA where he continued to desing, especialy in the sphere of helicopters. In we celebrated the th anniversary of the man who stood at the very beginning of the whole society, changing our phycology, culture and way of life. This man is our Vladimir Kozmitch Zvorykin and his invention was called television. In Vladimir entered the Technological University in St.

Русский язык для всех: учебник by Vitaliy Kostomarov

In Vladimir Zvorykin went abroad to continue his education. But in he was mobilized and he was in the army till His desire to devote himself to science made him leave Russia for the USA. Then he was invited to Moscow and Leningrad and made a report for Russian scientists. Living in the USA Zvorykin had never forgotten about his Motherland and he did everything to help his country.

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According this treaty many soviet scientific workers from Russia went to the USA to work on their enterprises. In Zvorykin invented and created the first examples of an electronic microscope.

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He also worked over the radar and computing methods of forecasting the weather, reading device for the blind. He was the member of the American Academy of Art, the Honored member of many scientific societies. He was born on the 2-nd of July in in an old aristocratic family. Includes texts, questions, and exercises. One of the most famous works of Russian literature, the four-act comedy in verse Woe from Wit skewers staid, nineteenth century Russian society, and it positively teems with? Presented here in bilingual format English and accented Russian on facing pages , Griboyedov?

Winged phrases? You will never regret any time spent reading, learning, and understanding Woe from Wit?