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  3. Fleishman Is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner review – smart, funny story of love and sex
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We are 80 percent Putin supporters today and tomorrow Khodorkovsky or Navalny might come to power and I will be in trouble.

trouble - Dictionary Definition :

But other states, especially Russia, have had trouble adjusting to a market economy, degenerating into massive kleptocracies. And upon those rocks of crystal grow the good diamonds that be of trouble colour. I reckon what he said about gettin' you into trouble is all nonsense. After a great deal of trouble and persuasion, I prevailed upon Mr.

Crockford to undertake it, and we made out the bill of fare. In vain my mother took a world of trouble to explain the thing to me. Ah, she need have no fear; I would not trouble her with so much as a word. Related: Troubled ; troubling. The story is told mostly in the third person, with Toby as its centre and hero.

266 Free images of Trouble

It is written as if casually, but densely filled with backstory and digression; a chapter may begin with making pancakes for a sullen pre-teen daughter, then lead skilfully into love, betrayal, honour, desire and block universe theory, before looping back neatly to where it started, as magazine articles often do. Toby has a tendency to look at people as a medic. His phone constantly pings with proffered images of cleavages and thongs and disembodied ass, and he even starts to fall for one hook-up, until he sees her in daylight.

However, to see the world through his eyes is to not really like women.

Fleishman Is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner review – smart, funny story of love and sex

His background is the case for the prosecution. The case for the defence comes in his personal style and agenda. He styles his promises as modest and achievable. In the car ride back to Thessaloniki, Mr Mitsotakis acknowledges in almost accentless English that he is the embodiement of the Greek establishment.

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But he insists that the image is inaccurate. His success or otherwise will depend on his willingness to take on parts of the old Greece and its vested interests; to take on, in other words, elements of his own political family.

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He declined to do so in the battle over the Macedonian name change. Likewise, he has opposed extending adoption rights to gay couples or recognising gay marriage.

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His backers claim this was necessary to prevent support from drifting to the far-right. Mr Mitsotakis may well win a majority this weekend.

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He will have lots of political capital, and he should use it. Family fights can be an ugly business. The Greek god Cronus castrated his own father and, fearing a similar fate would befall him, gobbled up five of his own children before vomiting them back out. But at times they are also necessary.

Mr Mitsotakis will need to pick some if he is to move Greece forward.

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Whether he has the courage to persist still remains to be seen. Join them.