Childrens Stories of the Bible The Adult Version

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  1. The Jesus Storybook Bible
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  4. Children's Stories of the Bible The Adult Version

We are not very comfy with story, are we? I think it's because we don't feel we can control it. Yet stories are like seeds: they work silently. Telling the story of David and Goliath should leave us in despair, wondering what will happen next.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

But we are so much more comfortable with moral lessons in our teaching, and we forget about the grace in these stories. When you hear a sermon, what's the thing you remember? It's always the illustrations. It's always the stories. That's how we're made and what we're made for. Stories unmask us. She lives in Manhattan and enjoys dividing her time between the front half of her apartment and the back. She can be found at sallylloyd-jones.

Bronwyn Lea is a South African-born writer-mama, raising kids in California and raising questions about faith, family and culture at bronlea. Find her online on Facebook , and Twitter bronleatweets.


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Read These Next Related. Opinion Family. Cover Story CT Magazine. How an Old Testament practice can transform the way we do business today. The Elusive Presence. Stay informed. Sign up for our Free newsletter. Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel. Learn more. I laugh at them and learn new things, too! I hope that gives you a start. Please reach out if I can help anymore. Please help, as I would like to have these to give out on Saturday, April 27th. Hi Mary. The others like the Jesus Storybook Bible or The Action Bible are wonderful teaching tools for unchurched and churched children, but they are abridged.

That is what we have in all of our younger classrooms at church. Both are very engaging to children. I hope that helps! Please help. My grandson age 10 wants niv bible just like mine a regular bible. What can I buy to help him understand the bible. Hi Linda. Or, if you think that would be over his head, honestly The Action Bible is a great first Bible for boys to help them get a general overview of the stories in the Bible.

My pre-teen son has also really enjoyed The Adventures in Odyssey radio stories over the years.

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They bring biblical principles to life in action-filled, relatable stories. Here is the first one from long ago, but they have SO many recorded now. My son has enjoyed starting from the beginning and working his way through, but you could jump in anywhere along the way. He has the action bible yet has not taken an interest in it yet..

Any suggestions? Have you tried listening to the Action Bible audio CDs? They are really engaging and might be fun in the car or at night before bed. My son is also into listening to Adventures in Odyssey, which are faith-based, engaging stories dealing with topics that tweens face. Great suggestions!

My kids also loved The Big Bible Storybook when they were younger — they read it until it fell apart from use, not because it was poor quality. The board book stories from it were great first bible stories too. My son aged 7 has just read diary of a disciple the gospel of Luke cover to cover.

I wonder, do you happen tp know of any books that share the work of missionaries, pastors, etc throughout time? I once read a blog about how a woman remembers sitting around the fire place during winter and her parents reading stories of great believers in the faith and their stories! I would love to start a tradition like that.

Hi Leah. Yes, I do! I find them at the library, too. I highly recommend checking them out. In fact, the audio books are very well done, too, and are a great thing for the whole family in the car. Thank you so much for this blog! Very helpful! I especially appreciate your section explaining what makes a good bible for children. I have sent this blog to my daughter to ask her permission for me to read these to my grandchildren.

International Children’s Bible (ICB) - Version Information -

Thank you for these recommendations! My daughter who is 9 yrs old is asking for a Bible. I was not sure which one to get her for the same reasons you listed. I appreciate your suggestions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would say The Big Picture Storybook Bible would be a great place to start for a 6-year-old who does not know the story of the Bible.

The illustrations are excellent although I wish the people in it were colors other than just white and it goes through the entire story of the Bible very succinctly and age-appropriately for a young elementary child. It gets overwhelming.

Children's Stories of the Bible The Adult Version

Any advice would be super helpful. I love your motivation to get your family back to church, Jen. Those are some of the most reader-friendly versions. He might actually enjoy The Action Bible, too.

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It kind of depends on your son. Those are favorites of ours. Easy to read and has notes that explain some of the verses. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have other questions. I am the librarian at a large Presbyterian Church. The CEB came out a few years ago, and has worked well for us. They also make a CEB storybook bible. Hope that helps! I know this post is old but I will give this a shot.

I am looking for a Bible for my 11 yr old daughter. I need a Bible that will specifically speak to her struggles as a pre-teen girl but she is also interested in something with vibrant illustrations and hands on activities that will engage her. I think a great Bible for her age would be an NIV version. Several cute editions for girls of that age on Amazon when I just searched. She may not like the princess theme, although the story is good. But, there are so many hands-on activities within each devotional in the companion guide.

We do the boy version of this one with my year-old sometimes before bed. Definitely addresses pre-teen issues. Gets the kids looking up scripture and thinking about living for God in their daily life. One last idea I just looked up. I really like the Good Book Company. I saw they have daily bible reading workbooks for all different ages. A friend of mine gave her 9 yr old boy the Lego Bible.

He was really excited about. I second the Jesus Storybook Bible! And I too often tear up, lol. I wanted to make a recommendation for your blog. Can you pick a picture for it to use when we share it? Maybe if I would have shared it from my laptop it would let me pick a picture. Interesting to see your recommendations! Why is it important to start reading the Bible early on? Well, here are some of the benefits to beginning this routine from infancy or as soon as possible with your kids: Your children will expect that reading the Bible is a part of their day.

A study by Notre Dame professor Christian Smith shows that children who learn this discipline from early on are more likely to continue in their faith through the teen years and on. Kids gain a longer attention span to sit and read. This is preparing your child to focus long enough to actually sit down and read the Bible later in life.

This requires practice and consistency. Children will gain an understanding of the main storyline of the Bible and the Gospel that will help shape their worldview from early on. This is prime time for shaping their view of God and the Gospel.